X3 Factory Complex Calculator 2.0
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X3 Factory Complex Calculator 2.0

Free An X3 calculator that helps to plan and cost factory complex designs
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Using the X3 Factory Complex Calculator tool will help you calculate the costs, profits and energy required for your own factory complexes for use in the X3 Reunion space trading and combat simulation game by Egosoft. The program replicates a lot of the functionality of Remco 'Merroc' Jeckman's Excel spreadsheet but you won't need Excel since this is a stand-alone program. This application allows you to attempt to simulate what actually happens in X3 when the complex runs. The program is compatible with X3 version 2.0 and it also supports 'Ashley's XL Fabs' Mod, and this support can be turned off or on. When the calculator first launches, the program presents an interface that displays a spreadsheet styled window in three sections separated by a blue column.
In the first section you can add factories by choosing a Race, Factory type, and the number of them. This will show you what other races also sell this factory; where you can buy it; how much it costs; and the total cost. The second section of the window will display the automatically calculated wares involved in running each complex you have chosen and their potential production, usage, and sales per hour. At the end of this section is a Buy/Sell column that allows you to specify whether a ware is sold or bought. The third section remains empty until you ‘Run’ the complex simulation. Clicking the Run buttons activates a Complex Simulation progress window. The simulation window displays the calculations you need to know like the energy required to seed the complex so that it doesn't stall, and when simulation is complete, the third section of the window on the main interface is filled in automatically. This complex calculator may help you or any other X3 Reunion space entrepreneurs to monopolize resources and build an economic empire that could well cripple your foes. Or, at the very least, this program will provide you with a strategy tool that gives you an edge.

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